Tech Core: VR for Education.

Take a look at the ground we've covered so far.

Research possibilities.

Nano 2020
Sponsored by the UArizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Nano 2020 is an augmented reality classroom environment that allows networked users to pass and manipulate shared objects, as well as stream content via video conferencing.


Matterport 360
The KEXP radio station in Seattle, WA scanned their whole studio using 3D scanning technologies from Matterport! We took those scans and rendered them into Unity to build a VR tour of the whole space.

Medical innovation.

Ultrasound 360
Sponsored by the UArizona Department of Emergency Medicine, Ultrasound VR is a virtual reality training application for ultrasound technicians, particularly those working in an emergency room environment.

Unchained R&D.

Ultra high-resolution VR for the fine arts
Hummingbird VR is a project that takes ultra-high resolution artwork and displays them smoothly in a virtual reality gallery setting. Users can get extremely close to the artwork to observe the finest and most minute details without glitches or resolution depreciation.

Next in our pipeline...

Volumetric filmmaking.

Next generation climate modelling.

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