Tech Core is...

A Team

Learning and innovation don't happen in isolation. We are a team of developers who code together, teach each other, and create change together. We hail from a wide variety of cultural, ethnic, and academic backgrounds but we are drawn together by a common force: our passion for technology.

A Job

Our coders learn in one of the most productive ways available to a technologist - on the job. In our full stack environment you will develop skills like MVC, SQL, UI/UX, VR/AR, and soft skills such as faculty engagement, leadership, and the intercultural communication skills required of the world's best programmers.

A Solution

Our goal is for UA faculty to no longer be dependent on simple luck when they need a talented coder to support their research. Instead, we strive to provide a sustainable and growing pool of tech talent grown from our own Wildcat ranks.

An Intercultural Experience

Tech Core is not a "software team for hire" we are an expansion of your team's existing tech capacity. We emphasize intercultural collaboration, communication, broadened cognitive perspectives, unchained creativity, and guts - because that's where innovation comes from.

About the Model:

The Tech Core model is an innovation in and of itself. It is self-sustaining, agile, and eager to grow. The program has been running since 2016 and has accelerated every participant’s career, produced IP through Tech Launch Arizona, and fostered interdepartmental collaboration.

A central component of the program is what we call “the bench”. It is a physical configuration of furniture, work stations, and whiteboards that is essential to team building and productivity. It facilitates parallel programming, a coding model we use exclusively. Visitors are frequent and encouraged. The bench is a highly visible display of the student/faculty energy that the program generates and is a remarkable tool for messaging and amplifying the university’s commitment to collaboration.

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