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Tech Core is an applied learning experience that seeks to inspire UArizona students, provide tools to develop real world skills, and disrupt the traditional learning model.

Coding & Emerging Tech

Collaborate and grow with individuals who share the same tenacity and enthusiasm for the potential of technology in an innovative environment. Tackle expansive extended reality projects, build robust web applications, and experiment with new technologies using ASP.NET, MVC, HTML/CSS/JS, SQL Server, VR technologies, C#, Unity, Blender, and A-Frame/Three.js

Data Analytics & Visualization

The crossroads where traditional and next-gen business tools meet! Learn the language of data and work closely with stakeholders to create stunning dashboards, dynamic visualizations, and reports. Practice responsible and ethical management of data while developing skill sets in Microsoft Power BI, Excel, Python and Tableau, and cloud computing.

Content Creation

The creative drive to make a range of different graphics, designs, and videos. Work as a team to make content, bring brand awareness to the program through social media management and strategy, and showcase skills and technological innovation being created behind the scenes using the Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, Hootsuite, and Microsoft Office 365.

Sales & Marketing

Participate in strategic development and business operations for the program. Create various stakeholder presentations, facilitate meetings, and coordinate events to help expand our reach across campus and industry, all while mastering skills in Microsoft Office 365, Canva, Adobe Creative Suite, and CRM.

About the Model:

The Tech Core model is an innovation in and of itself. The model is self-sustainable, agile and ever-evolving. Running since 2016, the program has accelerated every participant’s career, produced IP through Tech Launch Arizona, and fostered interdepartmental collaboration.

A central component of the program is what we call “the bench”. The bench consists of both students and faculty collaborating and working on new and emerging technologies. Our model functions similarly to a physical configuration of furniture, work stations, and whiteboards. This model is essential to team building and productivity. This style facilitates parallel programming, a coding model we use exclusively. A seat on “the bench” gives students 1024 hours of paid on the job experience in tech skills, project management and leadership in this entrepreneurial setting.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we have adapted our "physical" workspace into a virtual setting on Discord. Post COVID, we plan on maintaining a blended work environment consisting of both in-person and remote positions. No matter the state, country, or time zone, we can and will collaborate from anywhere.

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